Klein Hava & Co. is a recognized and experienced law firm, founded in 2009.

The firm's staff deals with a variety of issues of family law, in specific areas of expertise related to the protection of children and parents ' rights, protecting the personal and family capital towards and within a relationship and the continued generation and for divorce, advising and accompanying the correct and tight planning and protection required for the commercial, economic, and international fields And as necessary for protection within the family business.

The firm is accompanied by people and business women in the economic planning of the family wealth, in the division of property, companies, stocks, maintenance and proper planning of capital in the family, as well as in representing custody claims and visitation rights, tort claims within the family, child alimony and women foods, problems of delayed divorce, sperm theft, parental alienation, agreements The finance and planning of the correct strategy of money and business in the family context.

The firm's staff and head, Adv. Havi Klein, is proud of international leading offices in New York, London and Berlin, and led by tangled bags for striking victories.

The firm's clients repeat and choose the representation of our firm in a wide range of needs and issues, due to the creative, legal, business, intelligent and effective solutions that are given in any matter that comes to our firm's treatment.

Adv. Havi Klein also served as deputy chairman of the Tel-Aviv district of the Israel Bar Association, the Committee of the Tel-Aviv district.
Chairman of the Committee for Child Rights at the Israel Bar Association (volunteer)

Hava Klein, Attorney


  Founder of the Firm

Represents and advises legal and strategic counsel in negotiations, agreements and litigation.

Deputy Chairman of the Tel Aviv District Bar Association,

Member of the Tel Aviv district committee of the Israel Bar Association,

Chairman of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, at the Israel Bar Association (on a voluntary basis).


 BA and MA in Law and Master from Northwestern University (Chicago) in public and international law.

Director, arbitrator and mediator.

Attorney Klein worked in the civil service, among other things, as a legal advisor to the Tel Aviv court judges, both in the commercial and family spheres.

Then she founded the office.


Adv. Klein represents local and international litigation in various courts and accompanies family and business companies in planning and protecting family wealth.

The firm's clients praise the financial agreements, wills, trust agreements and divorce proceedings in which Attorney Klein advises the process and advises correct, prudent and prudent conduct to achieve the most effective results for the firm's clients.


Advises its clients creatively, courageously, and striving to achieve the best results by using sharp thinking, common sense, courage and extensive legal knowledge.

Attorney Klein has extensive experience in representing and providing personal and business legal solutions.

Natalie Rodnitzky, Attorney

Director of the Family Law Department

 completed her law studies at the Academic Center for Law and Business in 2010.


Adv. Rodnitzky has specialized in the Legal Department of the Ministry of Welfare in Jerusalem.


Expert in litigation, professionalism and personal and business sensitivity.


Adv. Rodnitzky completed her LL.M. at Bar-Ilan University in 2015 and represents children, parents and family members, and complex family law and guardianship issues.


Attorney Svhat has been acting for many years in criminal procedures, working at every stage of the criminal procedure, from when the criminal investigation is opened, and continuing to manage the procedure when the indictment is submitted and with the 

rehabilitation of minors.


Attorney Svhat has a first degree in Law from Tel Aviv University (2000), within the IDF academic programme, as well as a second degree from Tel Aviv University and North Western University (Chicago).


Attorney Svhat  built up a great wealth of experience during her years working in army prosecution, in a range of senior positions, and brings exceptional results after consultation and representation in criminal cases.




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